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"My Craziest Dream" is Abbie's first full length record and one she made with her dad, jazz pianist/trombonist Herb Gardner. She'll be the first to admit that as a young singer, the vocals are simple and straightforward. But the BAND is the real kicker on this one! Recorded live at NYU with Mark Frankel behind the board, you can hear the guys in the band play off each other. Early jazz the way it's meant to be! Great for swing dancing.


Get it straight from the artist, with an autograph if you like!


Wil Owen from Rambles says he was, "easily transported back in time to when jazz was great. I really enjoy jazz from the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Apparently, so does Abbie. This isn't surprising. Her father, Herb, is a jazz pianist. From a young age, Abbie sang along with Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald on the record player. Now, she claims, she was able to "live that dream" of singing some of these legendary tunes with the release of her own CD.Abbie belts out 13 tunes on My Craziest Dream. Out of these jazz classics, perhaps one of my favorites is the first track, "Happy Feet." From the first sound of the fast-paced drum intro, your toes start tappin' to the beat. As the song suggests, "...when they hear a tune, I can't control my dancing gear to save my soul." The liner notes should contain a warning label not to play this track while driving.... This is jazz the way it is meant to be played!

The highlight of My Craziest Dream is easily the clarinet and sax player, Dan Levinson. If this CD were a movie, Dan would be stealing each scene he is in! When Dan and Herb go to town, whether their instruments are dueling or complementing the other, My Craziest Dream is at its best. Rounding out the sound is Mike Weatherly on upright bass and Robbie Scott on percussion."



  1. Happy Feet
  2. It's Only A Paper Moon
  3. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
  4. Under A Blanket Of Blue
  5. Them There Eyes
  6. Cheek To Cheek
  7. I Had The Craziest Dream
  8. Your Mother's Son-in-Law
  9. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  10. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  11. Mean To Me
  12. Tuxedo Junction
  13. Ain't Misbehavin
  14. Staten Island *featuring Herb Gardner!
  15. Gunshots And Sirens *featuring Herb Gardner!

My Craziest Dream CD

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