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1- Break it Slow

2- Liar

3- Comes Love

4- I Can't Be Good for You

5- Hope

6- It's You

7- Bang Bang

8- Do It

9- Nellie

10- Walkin' Cane

11- Too Soon (for Karena)



"Abbie Gardner shows her prodigious writing chops in her new album, Hope. Tales of love and loss, both gritty and sweet, ride the back of her by-now familiar, formidable slide guitar licks. She channels Lucinda and Bonnie, but remains pure Abbie."
— Richard Cuccaro, Publisher, Acoustic Live

"Abbie Gardner gives the grit to Red Molly with her Dobro playing. On her new solo CD we get to hear not only her instrumental and songwriting prowess, but her marvelously versatile voice, which can convey pain or playfulness or pure bad girl blues power."
-John Platt, WFUV

Hope CD

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