16 GB USB drive loaded with 4 full length Abbie Gardner solo CDs, 19 bonus tracks including a live EP, duets and songs from a few duo projects and even some unreleased tracks! There are posters, high resolution photos, reviews, and CD artwork. I included mp3, wav and FLAC files of the full length records - so you can listen to the files at the resolution and size you prefer. (many of the bonus tracks are in mp3 format only because they were unfortunately not available as FLAC/WAV).
USB drive comes with a stainless steel telescoping straw, in a keychain case, with a cleaning brush! Please specify gold or silver straw case preference. Straws are all silver colored (stainless steel). Gold straw has a top & bottom yellow rubber tip included, silver straw has blue.

Abbie Gardner Back Catalog USB

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Straw color
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