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The record I've been hard at work making is finally coming to life!! There are a few ways you can help me bring it into the world. I am a very hard worker but without a publicist and radio promoter less than 1000 people will ever hear this music. For those who like numbers, here's a breakdown of costs, not including recording, mixing and mastering. My radio promoter is $3000, shipping to radio is estimated at $1000, CD duplication $3000, publicist is estimated at $5000 for a 3-month campaign, as well as professional video making/editing, duplicating USB drives and (if it's in the budget) a limited edition vinyl pressing. I need to lean heavily on radio and press for this record, since I'm yet not out there touring.

Below are a few ways you can jump on board now to support this record!

If they are out of your budget, please don't worry - I will totally need your help to spread the word when it comes out! Word of mouth really matters and it doesn't cost anything to "like" and share and comment or talk about it to your friends! And of course I'd love it if you ordered a copy, too!


:) Abbie

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These folks will get their name in the liner notes, as well as a digital download of the CD! Be sure to sign up by 12/14. Includes existing patrons and higher tier patrons too.



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I'm looking for one person/couple to sponsor each song. Check out the list below to pick your favorite before someone else gets it. Song Sponsors (before 12/14) will have their name listed on the inside of the liner notes next to their song, receive handwritten lyrics suitable for framing and a signed copy of the CD. $1000/song.

*Song #8 is being sponsored by a few people together so there's time to add your name, just email me.


1- Down the Mountain - sponsored

2- Only All The Time - sponsored

3- See You Again - sponsored

4- Born in the City - sponsored

5- Three Quarter Time - sponsored

6- Cypress Tree - sponsored

7- Too Many Kisses - sponsored

8- *Honky Tonk Song* - group sponsorship

9- When We Were Kids- sponsored

10- Those Memories of You - sponsored

11- You Belong to Me - sponsored

EMAIL ME to reserve your song or request audio samples/lyrics.

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As my biggest financial investor for the project, my executive producer will get their name on the back cover of the CD (if signed up by 12/14), a professionally framed plaque straight from the manufacturer, several copies of the CD to give away, and your choice of handwritten lyrics suitable for framing. Not to mention my never-ending gratitude! $5000

WAHOO we have an executive producer!

EMAIL ME for details

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I'm hard at work setting up pre-orders so you'll soon be able to do that here. I can't believe how many buttons I need to push to make it happen!! But there will be digital downloads and physical CDs too. Any interest in vinyl? Let me know!